About us About Toyo Morton

TOYO-MORTON is a leading adhesive manufacturing company that implements the manufacturing of products contributing to the life of everyone with the outlook of creating values shared with customers and society (CSV). Laminating Adhesives, our main products, are used for a wide range of areas relating to everyday life, such as various packaging materials starting from food packaging and materials related to our daily life, in addition to materials related to energy.

- Stance -The Outlook of Creating Shared Value (CSV)

We are pursuing to create values shared with customers and society (CSV), with 6 important viewpoints, commencing with Safe & Security and High Functionality. Our goal is to create values that lead to social environmental conservation and qualitative progress of daily living, not only limited to ensuring the safety required for food packaging materials, which is the main application of Laminating Adhesives.

* We put special emphasis on "Safe & Security" ,"Environmental Responsive"and "High Functionability" as keywords to CSV.

- Identity - As a Member of TOYO INK GROUP

As a member of TOYO INK GROUP, TOYO-MORTON aims for a science company that expands the adhesive business with polymers as core technology. We provide leading technology and quality using the integration power of TOYO INK GROUP such as liquid ink business (gravure ink and flexso ink) and printmaking business, in addition offering the total solution to satisfy our customers.

- Globalization - Seeking to Satisfy Global Customers

The goal of TOYO INK GROUP'S PHILOSOPHY is "endevoring to be a company that contributes to the enrichment of life and culture throughout the world". TOYO-MORTON builds a global product supply system that uses the TOYO INK GROUP'S network. Production sites are increasing not only in Japan, but also in Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand and India. We are also planning to launch new production sites, such as in USA.

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